How to Make Pans Look New Again?

How to Make Pans Look New Again

It is no secret that when you first bought your brand new cookware, it was shiny and spotless. After a few years, though, it is no surprise that your cookware is covered with greasy and burnt food.

Furthermore, cookware wears out over time because of washing and using it every day. Don’t let that get you down, though! It might seem that there is no way to fix your old cookware, but there are several ways to make them look shiny and brand new again.

There are many different methods to clean your cookware. The method you choose will depend on the type of cookware you have.

For example, the method you use for your glass cookware will be different from the one you use for your steel pots. If you want your pans to look clean and brand new, then here are a few ways tips and tricks.

Tips and Tricks to Make Your Pans Look Shiny and New Again

Here are some amazing tips to make sure your used pans look new again.

Baking Soda

A great tip is to use baking soda to clean your pots. Baking soda is a great tool to get rid of all the grease and spots on your pans – and the best part is that it can be used on almost every material.

You can even use baking soda on your pots quite often, and it won’t ruin the material or the seasoning. Baking soda is known to clean the greasiest food from your pans.

To clean your pots with baking soda, you’ll need:

  • Baking soda
  • Dry cloth
  • Lemon
  • Vinegar
  • Wooden spoon
  • Non-stick scrubbing brush

Enameled Cookware

Even though baking soda can be used to clean all types of cookware, the method of using it differs from material to material. Enameled cookware has a non-stick surface, but its surface can get crusty.

Fear not, there is a very easy way to clean that. All you have to do is boil water and add baking soda to it.

Fill your pot or pan with water – make sure you cove the crusty or burnt area. Increase the temperature until the water is hot. After the water has started boiling, add two tablespoons of baking soda and stir it with a spoon.

Make sure the spoon is wooden and not steel because you can burn yourself very easily. This will turn your baking soda and boiling water into a mixture. Let the mixture stew for a little while.

After the water has simmered, you can simply scrape the pan and all the crusty grease will come out. All you have to do is use a dry cloth to clean the surface of your pan. Simply wipe the pan, rinse it with warm water and then leave it to dry.

Your enameled pot will look brand new.

Copper Cookware

To clean a copper pot, all you need is some baking soda, a lemon, and some vinegar, and you’re good to go. The first step is to cover the bottom of your pan or pot with baking soda.

Make sure your whole surface is covered with baking soda. After you’re done, pour vinegar all over the bottom of your pot. The next step would be to use a lemon as a scrub.

Use a cut-up lemon to scrub the bottom of your pan. Make certain to cover the whole surface – don’t leave anything untouched. You can scrub the sides if you feel like they need a touch, too. After you’re done scrubbing it, rinse the pan and then wipe it with a dry cloth.

Non-Stick Cookware

To wash non-stick cookware, all you need is water and some baking soda. Baking soda will help you get rid of the food smell as well as the stains on the surface of your pot.

The first step is to simply create a paste. You can do this by filling the pan with water. Just cover the bottom of your pan with water and add baking soda all over the water.

Once the paste is formed, the next step would be to let the pan sit for several hours. The baking soda will react with the water and clean your pan. After a few hours, scrub the pan with a non-stick brush and make sure to scrub hard enough to get rid of all the greasy stains.

After you’re done, simply rinse your pan and dry it with a cloth. Washing non-stick cookware is not only very simple but also takes very little time. Try it – you’ll see the difference for yourself.

Roasting Pans

Baking soda can also be used to clean roasting pans. To clean a roasting pot, all you need is baking soda, water, and some vinegar. The first step is to cover the surface of your pan with baking soda.

The next step is to take a cup of water and add 1/3 cup of vinegar to it. After you’re done, pour the solution into the roasting pan. The baking soda and vinegar will react with each other.

After that, leave the pan to soak for a few hours. After a few hours, you should scrape the surface of the pan with a spoon or a spatula. Make sure that the pan is soaked to take out as much as grease from the bottom of the roasting pan as possible. After you’re done, simply wash the pan thoroughly and dry it with a cloth.

Baking soda can solve all your problems. It can remove all burn marks from your pan and make them look brand new. If your favorite pan is burnt— the first step is to add a little water to your pan – just enough to cover the whole surface of your pan.

The next step is to add baking soda and watch it turn into a creamy paste. After you’re sure the paste has formed, heat the pan until the water starts boiling. Make sure to remove it as soon as the water starts boiling or you’ll end up damaging your pan further.

After getting it away from the heat, simply use a scrub or a wooden spoon to clean off your pot. After cleaning and rinsing it, make sure to wipe it with a dry cloth and voila – your pot will look brand new.

When you are using baking soda to clean your cookware, make sure to let your cookware cool off before washing it. Materials like stainless steel and metal cookware can get really hot, so always give them some time to cool off.

Furthermore, never use bleach cleansers or even oven cleansers on your pots because they can easily damage your cookware. Always remember to wipe your pans with a dry cloth.

 Salt and Dish Soap

Another way to make sure your pots look brand new again is by using salt and dish soap to clean them.

If you want to clean your cookware and don’t want to damage the seasoning, salt and dish soap are the perfect solution for you. Here are a few items you need to use to make sure your pot starts looking brand new again.

  • Salt
  • Small container
  • Paper towel or cloth
  • Dish soap

The first step is to mix the salt and dish soap in a small container. Stir them until it turns into a paste. After making the paste, you can apply it to a dry cloth and use it to clean the surface of your pan.

Make sure to not scrub too hard if you don’t want the seasoning to damage. If you feel like the pan needs more cleaning, just add more salt and scrub until the stains go away. Not only is this method easy to perform, but it is also quite effective. Try it today!

Lemon and Water

If you want your pots to be clean and to smell fresh, try using lemons to clean them. Lemon can be used with water, vinegar, and even baking soda. Lemon juice is a great way to remove stains from your pots – no matter how greasy or crusty they are.

The first step is to cut a couple of lemons into small pieces.

Add some water to cover the surface of your pan and then boil it. After the water is boiled, wait for it to cool down and use the lemons to scrub the grease and grime away. Scrubbing with cut up lemons will not only remove all the grease from your pots and pans, but it will also make them look brand new.

Dryer Sheets

A lot of people don’t know about this method and this is why it might seem a little strange, but it definitely works.

Here are a few items that you need to clean your pans with dryer sheets to make them look new again.

  • Dryer sheets
  • Dish soap
  • Brush
  • Hot water

The first step would be to add some dish soap to your pot. The next step would be to add hot water on all the areas that are burnt or covered with grease. Add the dryer sheet next.

Make sure to completely submerge the dryer sheet in hot water. Simply leave the pan to sit for a couple of hours. The last step is to simply remove the dryer sheets from your pot. The grime will peel off without any scrubbing.

Bleach-Free Cleansers

Bleach free cleansers are another great option to clean your cookware and make it look shiny and brand new again. They can remove grime, grease or any kind of rust from your pans.

The first step is to mix the bleach-free cleanser with water and create a paste. After the paste is created, make sure to use it to scrub your pan with a soft cloth. After you’re done, rinse your pot and wipe it with a dry cloth.

With these hacks, cleaning your pots is no longer a hassle.

If your cookware has dirty spots or a burnt bottom, instead of wasting money on new pots and pans, try these quick and effective ways to make your pots spotless and shiny today!

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