Farberware Non Stick Fry Pan Review (Easy to Clean)

With new brands entering the market, there has been a massive production of kitchen-related appliances and cookware.

Yet, established brands, such as Farberware, continue to retain customers’ trust and stay at the top with their top-grade cooking solutions.

This guide provides an in-depth review of the Faberware Kitchen Ease non-stick fry pan. Once you’ve gone through this review, you should be much more confident while making a purchase decision.

Farberware - 20065 Farberware Kitchen Ease Nonstick Frying Pan Set / Fry Pan Set / Skillet Set - 8 Inch, 10 Inch, and 11 Inch, Black


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Size: 8 Inch, 10 Inch, & 11 Inch
  • Oven Safe: Yes
  • Dishwasher Safe: Yes
  • Cooktop compatibility: Electric, Gas

Faberware Kitchen Ease Non-Stick Fry Pan Review

Whether you want to fill an existing cookware collection or set up a new kitchen, Faberware’s nonstick skillets are a tremendous addition.

This versatile Farberware pan set demonstrates the value and quality that have been the hallmarks of the brand for more than 100 years.

What Comes with the Product

The product is basically a three-piece skillet set that contains a skillet for every type of meal.

The 3 skillets measure 8, 10, and 11 inches in size. The flexibility of size means you can cook anything from a single egg or grilled sandwich to full meals for the whole family.

Farberware - 20065 Farberware Kitchen Ease Nonstick Frying Pan Set / Fry Pan Set / Skillet Set - 8 Inch, 10 Inch, and 11 Inch, Black

Frying Pan Material and Construction

Characterized by heavy gauge aluminum construction, the fry pans are designed to reduce hotspots and ensure even heat.

Aluminum also allows for quick and even distribution of heat. This allows for quick food preparation.

Since they’re highly durable, you can use them on a daily basis without having to worry about wear and tear. The sleek, colorful exterior of the skillets means that they’ll seamlessly fit any kitchen décor.

The interior of each skillet is coated with PFOA-free nonstick interior.

This means that your food will not stick to the pan while frying. This also means that they are not among those fry pans that are difficult to clean.

Since they are non-stick, they are super easy to clean.

Frying Pan Color and Handles

The product is available either in black or red color. If you opt for red, you can further choose between rubberized black handles or stainless steel handles.

Farberware 21581 Triple Pack Nonstick Frying Pan Set / Fry Pan Set / Skillet Set - 8 Inch, 10 Inch, and 11 Inch, Red

For black-colored pans, stainless steel handles are the only option. Regardless, the fry pans are eye-catching and made of high-quality materials.

The stainless steel hollow handles of the pans feature a hole for hanging, a comfortable texture, and an indented thumb rest.

Farberware 21581 Triple Pack Nonstick Frying Pan Set / Fry Pan Set / Skillet Set - 8 Inch, 10 Inch, and 11 Inch, Red

Black handles do have holes for hanging, but they don’t have an indented thumb rest for extra grip.

Oven Safe

Stainless steel handles are oven-safe for up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, while black handles are oven-safe for up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Both types of handles, however, stay cool on the stovetops. To provide a secure grip, the handles are also double-riveted.

The pans work best with nylon or wooden utensils and are ideal for sautéing and frying with minimal oil for healthier and lighter meals.

Lightweight and Dishwasher Safe

Also, the skillets are comfortable and lightweight, are dishwasher safe, and you have easy access to the turner while using them.

You can carry them with you wherever you want.

  • Easy to Clean
  • Highly durable
  • Quick and even heating
  • Handles offer a comfortable grip
  • Lightweight: ideal for camping/traveling
  • Dishwasher-safe / Oven Safe
  • Can’t be used on an induction stovetop

Some Feedback from Users of the Frying Pan

To help you make an informed decision, we also scanned the reviews on major online retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Overstock.

Users were quite happy with the durability of the product. Some said the product lasted for multiple years and the affordable product was similar to the high-end frying pans out there, especially in terms of chemical rating.

In addition, some also advised that as long as you don’t use metal on the non-stick surface, the skillets will have a long lifespan.

Users who bought the red set with stainless steel handles found them superb in terms of quality and budget-friendliness. Users trust the Farberware brand and also benefited from the stainless steel handles while baking meals in the oven.

Most of the users are happy that the food doesn’t stick to the pan, and the skillets are remarkably easy to clean, saving a lot of time. Also, the ridged backing of the pans resolves the problem of uneven heating by their stove.

But as with every product, there were some who weren’t so impressed with the Faberware fry pan. Some users reported that the pan warped after some use (to an extent that it became unusable)

Another complaint that resonated was the griddle at the bottom is too thin to withstand heat. Upon using the 11-inch skillet for the first time, they only applied medium heat for frying and it warped.

While there are some reviews about pan warping, you also need to know that in most cases, warping occurs because of mishandling (such as keeping a cold pan in a hot oven or putting cold water on hot pans)

Closing thoughts

This was our take on the Farberware Non-Sticky Fry Pan. Now that you’re aware of the features, pros, and cons of the product, you should be in a much better position to make a decision.

Don’t forget to take into account the user reviews. Based on what we’ve seen above, users had differing experiences with the product. Based on our review, if you use this frying pan with care, it can last for years in good shape.

They had different views and opinions and views to share. We truly hope that you end making a rational decision that keeps you satisfied in the long run.

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