What Are the Different Types of Baking Pans? All you need to know

Baking is a form of art, and without the right pans, you cannot create your masterpiece.

Having the right baking pan is not about having one or two.

And when it comes to baking, there are different types of baking pans that you need to choose from. Using the right baking pan decides how great your cooking would be.

So let’s dive in and look at different types of baking pans that are available for you to use.

What Are The Different Types Of Baking Pans?

A true baker or chef makes sure that they have the essentials as well as different pans for when they are needed. We’re here to help you take a closer look.

The following is a brief guide on baking pans, what they are used for, and why you will require them for your baking needs:

Sheet Pan

These are essential for anyone getting into baking. Sheet pans are shallow, flat baking sheets with a low rim around them.

Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Commercial Baker's Half Sheet, 2-Pack, Silver

The rim makes it easier to line the pan with a baking sheet that will not slip off it. They’re not just good for baking cookies but can also be used for roasting vegetables, cooking meat, and more.

They’re the general workhorse of the kitchen and you need at least two of these.

Most bakers enjoy having 3 or more but 2 are good enough. Sheet pans are available in different sizes but the half-sheet (12 x 16 inches) is one of the most versatile ones to get.

Due to the baking sheets, cleanup of these pans is simple and storage is always easy because they are so thin.

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Muffin Pan

This is perfect for baking muffins and cupcakes and other innovative cooking ideas.

Wilton Perfect Results Premium Non-Stick Bakeware Standard Muffin and Cupcake Pan, 12-Cup Baking Pan

When properly coated in grease and used, these pans can be a great way to make large quantities of cakes, muffins, or other finger food.

The mini size is perfect for baking bite-sized treats for your guests. Little scones can also be made in them with ease.

Based on your preferences, you can find muffin pans in different sizes, ranging from mini to small and medium to large and extra-large.

The versatility of this cake pan makes it a must-have and many people often make sure to get two versions of muffin pans for more flexibility.

Clean up can get messy which is why it is a good idea to use muffin cups or cupcake cups. If you don’t have those, remember to grease the pan properly to prevent anything from sticking to it.

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Loaf Pan

An essential for any kitchen, loaf pans aren’t just needed for when you want to bake loaves of bread.

Amazon Basics Nonstick Baking Bread Loaf Pan, 9.5 x 5 Inch, Set of 2

This is another versatile pan that can be used for savory and non-savory treats.

Loaf pans can be easily lined with baking sheets and are perfect for quick bread recipes or for making meatloaves.

Loaf pans have taller sides, which makes them great for baking. It also means that you can fill them without worrying about the baked good over spilling the sides.

For beginners, it removes much of the guesswork and math involved in this area.

Usually, these are rectangular in shape and its vintage shape makes it a must-have. Additionally, many people often have one cake pan that has been passed down to them.

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Bundt Pan

These are pans for cakes where you will not have to add any further decoration.

Nordic Ware Platinum Collection Anniversary Bundt Pan

The pan itself has decorative fluting and has designs on the top and the sides.

The end result is a cake that will be good enough to eat, right from the get-go.

The tubing in the middle of the pan makes it flexible for use with light or dense cakes. It gives a more even density to the entire care.

With the finished product, all you need is some light glazing drizzled across the top and your cake is ready to serve.

Storage can be an issue as bundt cake pans are usually rather bulky. Clean up can also get messy because of this but they are easy to dismantle and set aside.

Tube Pan

At first glance, many people often mistake the tube pan for the bundt cake pan.

Nordic Ware Heavyweight Angel Food Cake Pan, 10 Inch

While there is a similarity in basic design, the tube pan often lacks the decorative element that the other cake pan offers.

Furthermore, tube pans are also known as angle food pans because it is perfect for that cake type.

Not only that but they work best with light, airy cakes. The center tube of the pan ensures that while baking, these cakes get the most support and don’t end up collapsing or having a sunken center.

While not all pans have them, some tube pans may also have little feet on the top.

This is to allow for the cakes to be cooled upside down. The feet ensure that the pan stays supported while putting it upside down and off the counter will allow you to get the most perfectly delicious cake.

Round Cake Pans (9 inches)

If you bake frequently or regularly, round cake pans are a must-have for you. Apart from sheet pans, round cake pans are the most popular baking pan types that you can find.

Amazon Basics Non-Stick, Round Cake Pan, 9-Inch, Gray with Red Grips, 2-Pack

Round pans are also available in different metal types. The shape is ideal because it cooks cake batter evenly and also helps cool the cakes effectively.

The round cake also saves you effort and time in the frosting. Available in two-pack options, you can easily cook a stacked or layered cake with the help of these. For cooking layers, the 8 and 9-inch options are the best because they bake the cake layers very quickly.

However, when you are getting one, make sure to keep your baking style and versatility in mind. You can also find sets with three different sizes of round cake pans.

This can mean that you can effectively make a three-tier cake without any issues.

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Baking Pan (9 by 13 inches)

If you want to have an all-purpose baking dish, you need to get a baking pan. Baking pans are available in a variety of sizes as well as materials.

Wilton Recipe Right Non-Stick 9 x 13-Inch Pan

From ceramic and glass to metal and more, picking the right baking pan type will come down to your cooking and baking style.

For people who like to bake more, a ceramic baking pan is the best option. In fact, the 9 by 13 size is the perfect one for them as it has higher sides as compared to a traditional sheet pan.

This means that it is better suited for baking cakes than cookies.

An all-purpose baking pan is perfect for not just cakes but also for roasting chicken and preparing savory meals.

Opting for this size is best because it’s the standard size of many sheet cakes, and can be great for quick brownie baking.

Baking Pan (Square – 8-Inch)

Similar to the 9 by 13 baking pan, this baking pan gets a special mention because it is a good idea to get a square one.

Wilton Perfect Results Premium Non-Stick 8-Inch Square Cake Pans, Set of 2, Steel Bakeware Set

The one we discussed above is more rectangular in shape and is better suited for large batches.

However, if you want to make smaller batches, the square, the 8-inch baking pan will be better for you.

This baking pan size is also available in different materials but if you can opt for glass or ceramic types.

These can easily be turned into all-purpose baking pans and you can not only make a cake but also whip up batches of casseroles, cornbread, and other savory food items.

The clean-up of ceramic and glass baking pans is also easier and you are less likely to face issues in this area.

The best part is that square baking pans are easily available because of their popularity so you won’t have any problems finding the perfect one for you.

Pie Plate

If you’re a fan of pies and love making them, then pie plates are a must-have for you.

OXO Good Grips Glass Pie Plate with Lid

These are shallow baking pans that can also be used for making brownies, loaf cakes, and tarts.

One of the most noticeable features of the pan is its scalloped border that can flatter the filling and make sure that you get a beautiful pie every time.

You can find pie plates in different materials and they each have their own benefits to offer. Metal pie plates come with a detachable bottom, which means that you can lift the pan out of it with ease.

However, ceramic pie plates are loved because they give the crust a rich, golden-brown crust.

Similarly, people also like using glass pie plates because they can see the color of the crust and gauge whether it is ready or needs to be cooked for longer.

Pay attention to what you are comfortable with when picking out a pie plate.

Springform Pans (9 Inches)

And last but not least, we have the springform pans. These are cake pans that can be dismantled.

Hiware 9 Inch Non-stick Cheesecake Pan Springform Pan with Removable Bottom / Leakproof Cake Pan with 50 Pcs Parchment Paper - Black

They have a flat bottom, curved and tall sides that wrap around the circumference of the base, and clips, which can tighten or loosen the pan sides as needed.

Springform pans are perfect for use with cheesecakes, tarts or other types of fragile and moist cakes and desserts.

With these pans, the sides can be removed, which greatly reduces the stress that fragile cakes may experience.

Since the closure can be tightened, the batter does not drip when poured in and the cake retains its shape when it is being baked. As an added bonus, springform pans make a great alternative for pie plates.

These are some of the different types of baking pans that every beginner must have in their kitchen. Despite what you see, as your skills improve, you will realize that less is more.

With the 10 baking pans we have mentioned above, you can bake away to your heart’s content without any issues.

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